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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Will's age is baffling these days. They mentioned he was 20 just around the time we saw him get drunk and kiss that guy at HTS. We then discovered he was at a gay bar the night Stefano got murdered, that was his alibi, so maybe he has a fake ID? Even if they wanted to pull off that he was 21 when he visited the gay bar, that doesn't even correspond with him being in his second year of college right? We saw him graduate HS in 2011. He started college that September...If he's 21 now he should be graduating college shortly...and he just went through 3 years of a college in a year.....I wish they would disclose his age again...it would be interesting.

Onto the topic of this thread....Eric!!! I've always loved the character and I'm hoping that GV does it justice. I've dug up the original "Eric comes to Salem" clips...and as you can see Sami was FREAKING out that Eric's twin radar would pick up that she was faking her amnesia....

This following clip is when Sami cuts herself to stop Eric's twin radar.....lol...the shit they use to come up with....her cutting herself and inflicting that pain would over ride the fact that Eric could tell something was wrong with Sami and probably lead to finding out she was faking her amnesia...lmfao:

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