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camera shy

Nov 12 2012, 10:03 AM
camera shy
Nov 12 2012, 09:57 AM
Nov 12 2012, 07:09 AM
of course, i`m all for ericole. Can`t wait to see the az/gv matchup. Initially there probably won`t be any romance btween nicole/eric. And their time will be spent with her coming to terms with her life and then things`ll take a romantic term. And that suits me fine and that`s how i think it will play out. And i`m bankin` on ari/greg having fiery chemistry. Can`t wait 2c them 2gether. As for a brady/nicole/eric triangle, if i had 2 endure one it would be this one. As for rafe/nicole/eric, i would have 2 say no. I like rafe and nicole`s friendship, and nicole would never be happy with rafe because sami would always be a factor. But i still want nicole/rafe 2 stay friends because i really enjoy it.
And i want nicole out of dannifer`s orbit. Can`t endure anymore of dannyboy and pollyanna. But most importantly, i want nicole out of ej`s story. If nothing else this latest saga proved that he never loved nicole at all. And frankly she`s wasted enough of her life/time with a man who`s steadily proven that he`s not the man for her. So, it`s fitting IMO that the only man who`s ever really loved nicole is back on the canvas again with the angst and forbidden elements already present.
Bring on ericole. I`m more than game.
Sami's going to be a factor in Nicole's and Eric's relationship too, she's his twin. Sami's already warning Eric to stay away from Nicole. Where wll this relatioship go? Is Nicole going to marry into the Brady family and if she does will they accept her? My guess is no. And we all know on a soap where a relationship is headed when everyone warns one half of a couple against the other half.....nowhere. Nicole will eventually do something to prove that all the haters were right about her.
I totally agree.Nicole will do something and all Brady hypocrites will be there with stones to throw. :blah:
If they have any left after throwing them at EJ because we know he's on his way to screwing up. EJ will be next next in line and then Kristen and then it'll be Nicole's turn again to dodge their stones. Wish one would bounce off Nicole and hit Sami square in the mouth. :D
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