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The non-acceptance will b part of the angst/drama which raises the stakes for ericole`s forbidden moments. I can remember the high drama when doug didn`t want hope with bo. It added depth/drama to bope`s story.
And of course nicole will continue to scheme, etc and she wouldn`t be nicole if she didn`t. As for sami, eric is her brother so voicing her opposition is about the only thing she can do. And it would revamp the old nicole/sami rivalry but in an interesting way. Brady dinner celebrations with nicole in tow will be entertaining. I can only imagine the barbs and remarks that`ll flow. As for triangles, frankly, i am tired of them because the story goes nowhere fast and neither fan camp gets anything out of it. That`s why the show is in the disheveled shape that it`s in now because of pandering in too many directions. So it would be wise on the writer`s part to start building strong twosomes like the bopes/jarlenas of old. Of course they probably won`t. And if i had 2c a triangle, it`d be brady/nicole/eric.
But about the only wisest things they have done is hire greg vaughan. Loved him on GH and i can`t wait to see him as eric. And the great thing is that gv/az have already screen-tested and ari practically has chemistry with everyone that she works with. So can`t wait for this ericole matchup. (And GV is mighty fine 2 look at 2 and that means more eye candy which is another huge bonus for me. Aren`t we lucky!)
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