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Nov 8 2012, 05:16 PM
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I'm assuming that maybe they axed the Carrie return because they realized that Rafe could easily move on to Nicole for a few months while they took their time building up Ericole....no need to pay another actress when you can use Nicole and Rafe as placeholders....even if it's a ONS between the two that goes no where, it's just something for him to do...

Oh and on the Ericole...I just wish they would take it slow..but I know how they operate, because building up a couple needs writing that isn't lazy....so yeah....we know how this will end don't we?
They need more women on the show in Sami and NIcole's age group. It is ridiculous that they have the men outnumbering the females.
IA thought it was stupid to get rid of Carrie in the first place I would also like another woman in this age group
God, sometimes I'm so thick. I just realized why there's more men than women and why it's likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.... TRIANGLES!!! The last few years' writers are all in love with the 2+ men fighting over 1 woman triangle. They know that we, the audience, always end up taking sides based on which man we prefer, and, in that way, invest in the outcome even as it drives us (and those not invested) crazy trying to win. And the more characters you involve in the love geometry, the more chance they'll hit on one that a particular viewer cares about so they will invest. I don't give a rat's ass about Sami, never have, never will - but stick EJ in there and I'll (painfully) watch her.

I know soap writing is formulaic and there's always been triangles - but now everyone is stuck in some geometry. Practically speaking, it makes sense. If something isn't working in a particular set of geometric variables, you just move one variable to another geometric setup and try that. Everybody has a "story". I think my issue is that the triangle used to just be setup for character examination. Most everybody knew who the winner was supposed to be - the fun was in how the winner and his intended would find their way to be together. Now, all the characters are different shades of gray and who I think the winner should be may be different from who you think the winner should be because it's based on personal taste (even though we justify our personal taste by delineating all the reasons why our personal taste is the "right" one).

I guess I used to feel Days took more chances and told organic love stories. But I think I was fooled by the better writers they used to have and fooled by the time those writers took to resolve their stories in what felt like a natural way. Now I can see the "man behind the curtain" directing the insta-romance as setup for the eventual triangle. I guess I don't mourn the loss of "organic" love stories so much as I miss the curtain that had been pulled in front of my eyes in the past.
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