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Tuesday, November 13th

gabi faints

Will is somewhere practicing in the mirror
what to say to sonny

Lucas comes into sami office
says can you believe this
this whole business with Nicole
she says you are actually surprised she would lie about someone being the cause of her babys death ?
He says you think
she says I dont know if its worse than her switching babies on me
and kidnapping sydney for herself
or what about the time she tried to murder victor
the truth is i knew what kind of a person she was when she dumped my brother for
lucas says for me ?
She says you and a lot of money
he says this looks like wills jacket
she says he left it at my place
he is coming by to get it
you can stay if you want to say hi
he says no i have to go take care of something
she says hold the phone, i know when you are lying just like when you know im lying
she says are you avoiding our son

Hope comes into Nicoles hospital room
Nicole asks her if she is there to arrest her
Hope says she came to deliver the news to her in person
nic says im done jen talked to the DA
did you bring the handcuffs

Dan at jens house outside
she tells him she didnt press charges
against Nicole
and the DA agreed
dan hugs her

Nicole says thats it
no charges are being filed
Hope says no you are free
and you have jen to thank for that
Jen says you seem surprised
he says im impressed by your generosity your kindness
its totally your character
so im not surprised
jen says i did it because i want everyone to move on from this
want the 3 of us to have our lives back

Hope says you dont look relieved
nic says im very
Hope says but not grateful
Nic says what do you want me to do hop out of bed and run to jens with flowers
Hope says dont take for granted what jen did for you , even though you put her through hell
nic says where i am now
Hope says what did you say
nic says you can go now you delivered your news i got it
Hope says you got the news but you didnt get the message

sonny is at work
Cameron comes in
they chat about nothing important

gabi says she skipped breakfast
she is fine now
Eddie asks her if he could get her anything
she asks for tea
but no food
nick says she is pale
she says she is ok
not eating and the stupid fight with chad
she is lucky he is there
he says he is taking her to the ER
they leave the pub

lucas says dont push me
i dont want to talk about Will
she says you might as well tell me right now
im going to find out eventually
lucas says its sonny
sonny is pushing him way too fast
sami says what do you mean
lucas says want pictures
sami says what
Will comes in and says
oh yay i got to go
sami says no whats going on
will says nothing just on my way to see sonny
dad you may not like it but its not your call

Cameron asks sonny if he has plans with Will
sonny says yeah repair work
something is broken and they are going to fix it
Cameron says good luck

Lucas says truth hurts but im standing by what i said about sonny
sami says i dont understand whats wrong with sonny
Will says i have come to the conclusion that dad isnt going to approve of anyone i date
unless he happens to be a she
flashback to sex with gabi
which is probably not going to happen
lucas says it has nothing to do with you being gay it has to do with sonny
sonny pulled the oldest trick in the book, lured him into his apartment
Will says lured me, just because you have been lied to
sorry that was wrong
sami says no its not wrong your father s opinions are affected by the lies i told him
lucas says maybe a little bit
will says i dont want to be in the middle of this with you guys again
lucas says what if im right and you are making a huge mistake
Will says then its my mistake
but not even trying cuz my dad has a lousy attitude is the wrong reason to walk away from this
sami hugs him and says good luck
he leaves
sami says if this gets screwed up im blaming you

nicole says i didnt get the message
my baby is dead and i tried to blame it on someone else
i ruined my chances with Daniel
i lost everything yeah i think i got it
all i think about is me me me and i deserve everything that happens to me
you mean that message
Hope says im sorry
i know you are suffering
nic says save it i have nothing left to say to you
Hope says cant you see,you got a second chance here
nic says i see it
and i will be sure not to waste it
Hope leaves
she cries

dan says Nicole got caught up in something she did not plan
and i felt responsible for all of it
she was alone and needed someone i gladly stepped up
so its all on me
jen says no you are so wrong
but its like you to say that
now that everything is all said and done you still have feelings for Nicole?
He flashbacks to telling jen he loved her
he says he should get going
thank you again
she says wait
he says what is it something you want to say
she says i guess this is it its all over
he says i guess it is
i got to go
he leaves

sami says i cant believe you are messing with our sons life like that
what the hell is the matter with you
he says what the hell is the matter with you
you showed me up in front of him
dont do that to me like that
we are not together anymore
she says yeah last i checked
he says and whos fault is that
we made an agreement that we would be a united front for our kids
she says yes we did but im not a bigot and im not interested in having my kids see me behave like one
he says did you call me a bigot?
I am not a bigot
She says if the shoe fits
he says i dont care that our son is gay i care that he is being bird dogged
by someone who is a lot more experienced than he is and he is probably going to hurt him
she says that sounds like an excuse
he says i think you are dead wrong
she says what i know is that our son is very mature and well adjusted and making choices in his life unlike his father
he says i dont care that our son is gay
if he was with the wrong girl i would feel the same way
she says i dont buy it not for a minute
he says you know me , you know who i am
she says i do know you and i know what kind of a man you are so stop trying to undermine Will and his entire life
be the good guy i know you are please
she leaves

Will comes into the coffee shop
says he is sorry he is late and thats the least of all the things he is sorry about
they sit
Will says ok
sorry for the way i acted
i cant tell you how bad i felt when i thought i blew
never want to feel that way again
sonny says i felt the same way
Will says i let what my dad said get to me,,,,im sorry
i really missed you
sonny says i missed you too
sorry i got so angry and didnt leave room for us to talk
Will says its all my fault
i cant be mad at you for being angry
i cant be mad at my dad for what he said, how i act is my decision
i was to blame
ill never do it again
i promise
think you could give me another chance
Sonny says thats what this is right here
Will says i asked you personal questions
and you didnt have to answer
Sonny says i didnt like the questions thats true
but i havent been completely honest with you

sami comes into the pub
asks Eddie if nick is there
he tells her gabi fainted and nick took her to the ER
sami says does rafe know
he says dont know
she calls rafe leaves a message
she leaves the pub

gabi had a blood test
she says she is fine
Cameron comes in
nick introduces himself
nick says she fainted
she says i got dizzy
nick says she fainted
i caught her
she says she feels ok now
cameron says he will look at her blood tests
and going to do a short exam first
nick leaves
he takes her blood pressure
she says i cant believe nick made me come to the hospital
cuz i got woozy
there is nothing wrong with me so you are going to be bored
he says doesnt matter to me i get paid either way
Hope comes over to jens and says nicole was relieved
jen says she is still so angry and blaming me for everything she lost
Hope says you gave her a second chance
Jen says she isnt happy with the life that was handed back to her
we live in this small town and people will find out the truth and they will be horrified , she is alone
she lost dan and the baby
this baby she pinned everything on before it even got here
and then that was it ,it never did
so what she isnt going to be in a jail cell
she is in prison just the same

Nicole is getting ready to leave the hospital
dan comes in and says you are leaving she says the doc gave me clearance
i have to see a shrink every now and then
did you hear the news
he says i did
she says i dodged a bullet lucky me
he says thats all you have to say
she says thats it
he says how about the fact you got your life back and not going to be in jail
she says i get it whatever jen said to the DA it worked i guess
he backed off
i thought jen hated me
do you?
He says i dont hate you
she says but you dont love me either right?
He doesnt say anything
she says its time for me to go home
he says where is your home now
she says good question
he says where will you go
she says dont know somewhere anywhere
maybe ill go visit Taylor maybe where she is the news of what a monster her sister didnt land there
he says if you need anything a referral
she says thank you im good
i agreed to keep in touch with the staff
whether im in Salem or not
you are wearing your necklace
he says yeah
she remembers when she noticed he lost it
she says the night before we were leaving for Hawaii you had to come here and i told you to look for it
you found it here did you
he says lost and found had it
she says and thats when you found out what i had done
he says the baby clothes
i saw them and i started to realize what happened
you had been at the hospital that day and you told me you hadnt
she says it must have been a terrible moment for you
he says yeah
she says i put you right in the line of fire
just when i thought there werent anymore secretes i did this all to my self
she cries
and leaves the room
she walks away crying
he watches her go

Hope says so we should call dan and tell him what happened
jen says i saw him he knows
Hope says how did it go
jen says he feel responsible
Hope says im not surprised he is a great guy
jen says yeah he is really great
he wanted everything to work out
she asks her if she could let her self out
she is going to take care of something she should have done before

sami comes into the hospital talks to nick
he says gabi is fine but he wanted to get her checked out
sami says she left a message for rafe
nick isnt happy says gabi made me swear not to tell
she said she didnt eat breakfast
im sure she is fine
dr davis is with her
sami comes into the exam room
she says is she ok
he says he is going to check on her blood work
sami says i left a message for your brother
gabi yells what? im fine i shouldnt even be here
sami says nick told her you were mad at him for bringing you here
so you guys are pretty serious
gabi says yeah i guess
sami says maybe thats why you fainted the whole love thing can get you light headed

sonny says me and brian are just friends nothing happened
i want you to feel comfortable if you do want to ask me about my past
i havent been a monk since i was back in salem
i havent felt a connection with anyone till i met you
there is how i got you to my apartment
and everything
Will says the boxes
you set that up
sonny says you knew
will says no but my dad said you set it on purpose to lure me there
sonny says sorry
i knew you were new to all this i wanted to respect your process
but there is taking it slow and there is taking it slooooow
you are really hot and i thought you were going to be nervous and i was nervous, so i thought if we had time to relax and hang out , it would kind of
happen naturally
will says wow
my dad was right
lets tell him im sure he will be thrilled that he was right
will kisses him
says i dont think you can be lured anywhere you dont want to go
i wanted to be there with you
sonny says its amazing to hear you say that
will says i dont want to be here for another minute
ssonny says sure im not luring you anywhere
will kisses him again
stands up and takes his hand
and they leave the coffee place

Nicole is walking through the square
looks up at the stairs
and turns and walks into 2 people
she says sorry
the woman says no worries
nic says no worries yeah thats right its me and all of its true so you better keep your distance
people walking by look at her
she says dont stare at me im not a freak show
she sits down
says who am i kidding i was finally going to have a child and a great guy
who was going to raise him with me and what happened, i ruined it i lost them both
why does it have to be this way why did you make me this way
she cries and cries

jen goes to the hospital to see dan
she says i wanted to say i dont think
that things ended right between us
we said good bye like it was over
i dont want it to be over
these last few weeks have been horrible and we stopped being friends
this good bye thing
isnt working for me
you are one of the best people i know and i dont want to say good bye to that
i was wondering if we could be friends again
she puts her hand out and he shakes it
friends again he says
she smiles

Nicole looks in her little mirror
and sees a guy jogging by
she looks over at him
and says oh my god Eric?

Gabi says we connected so quickly and easily
never felt that way before
Cameron comes in
he says he wants to talk to her
asks sami to leave
sami says is something wrong

sonny and will get to sonnys place
they are kissing
sonny says you ok
Will says yes i am
they kiss again

nick is waiting for gabi
at the hospital
gabi says is something wrong
Cameron says no you are healthy
gabi says sami can stay
sami says so whats going on

sonny and will still kissing

gabi says just tell me please
Cameron says gabi you are pregnant

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