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It's all about perspective. A month ago when Adrienne called Lucas a bigot, I thought it was unwarranted because first of all, she doesn't know him, and second of all, he hadn't really done anything to make it seem that way. He was struggling after seeing WilSon making out but he wasn't being an ass about Sonny back then.

A month later and Lucas is being a complete ass about Sonny and there is just no way to defend that. He has absolutely zero POV and his logic is competely twisted. Sami knows Lucas like the back of her hand the same way he knows her and if she thinks he's being a bigot because of his current attitude then I agree with her. He is acting like one. Either he accepts his son is gay or he doesn't. I don't think he has fully accepted it. No other reasonable explanation for his feelings which both Will and Sami have now pointed out. Also notice yet again Lucas pointing out that Lumi are not together anymore. Really Lucas you realize that now? I swear....Lucas is bitter, angry, lonely, and miserable. He has no life and he's taking his frustration out on his son who is happy with his life and is in a new relationship. Lucas needs a woman STAT. Until he gets one, I have a feeling he's going to continue to be an ass.
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