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I thought the summertime was all I could take with the "Sami/Will in this corner, Lucas in that corner" writing. Nice to know the writers have more in store for me.....oh, hooray. I will really not tolerate any writing that paints Sami as the "better" parent of whatever, but that is just me being angry and hating on her I guess. But she is no mother of the year, fersure. At least this scene evidences how well Lumi know each other, and that neither is shy about voicing their opinions if they think the other needs help or to be checked in some way. I really can't stand all the hate between Lucas and Will and hope that whole dynamic changes soon. While I don't want Lucas to disrespect Will or his choices, the utter lack of respect Will has shown Lucas since months ago irritates me to no end. Maybe it is more deserved in this scenario - I am not saying Will is wrong, necessarily. I am just expressing my wish that this father/son relationship/dynamic change - something a little friendlier, something where it isn't just Will hating on Lucas, or Lucas meddling b/c it seems he has nothing else to do. And if this bigot term is bandied about again in and around Lucas - well, let's just say I hope that ends soon. It does nothing for Lucas, and I could give two craps about Wilson "angst". I used to love the Lumill unit so much. And now it just devastates me.

Would Lucas be reacting this way if Will were with a girl that was "questionable" in some way? Probably - if he felt the girl was in some way using or hoodwinking Will. But would he come to that conclusion after five seconds? Probably not. And has Sonny given Lucas any reason to be so suspicious of him? Well, he IIISSS more experienced, has been out of the closet longer that Will. So in some small way I can see why Lucas might be using that fact as justification for his fears. But really, no, Sonny hasn't done anything or is of a type that would lend credence to Lucas's fears. So it gets me thinking. On the one hand, I do appreciate the kind of thinking that is on display here as far as Lucas goes. He probably has genuine discomfort knowing his son his engaging in a physical gay relationship (and not just one that exists in the abstract). The fact that Sonny is more experienced might be adding fuel to that fire as well, but at the heart of Lucas's contention is his discomfort at Will being gay for realz. That kind of discomfort is a tricky feeling to resolve within oneself. I don't think Lucas wants to acknowledge that he is really that uncomfortable, b/c I don't think he possesses the biggoted hate other might accuse him of. But how can you say within yourself that you are fine with your son being gay if seeing him "be gay" makes you so uncomfortable? It's a tough contradiction to square, and Lucas is grasping at straws to try to make sense of it. It's a complicated situation involving complicated emotions and complicated motivations. But it in some ways does ring honest to me, and not necessarily "villainy". So I can appreciate this character exploration and depiction. My Lucas-love might be skewing my objective opinion here, admittedly.

On the other hand, Lucas was so supportive of Sonny and what he thought might be his caring for Will as more that just a friend a few months ago. In that sense, this sharp pivot frustrates the eff outta me. One could argue he expressed these feelings before seeing his so in and around a nekkid situation. But I still think the writing is very left turn and heavily plot driven. To see Lucas the victim of devicey writing again, well, I don't think I need to express my eternal disappointment any further.

I did appreciate the suggestion that Sami's lies to Lucas over the years could be in some way informing his reaction. In some way. At least Sami was right about one thing. Lucas is a good guy - a really good one. But he has flaws and personality traits that at least at one time made him, gasp, gray and interesting and oh-so-hard to pin down. I loved that character. I want to see that writing for Lucas again. In a not so crappy context. Please.
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