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Nov 12 2012, 03:25 PM
jen goes to the hospital to see dan
she says i wanted to say i dont think
that things ended right between us
we said good bye like it was over
i dont want it to be over
these last few weeks have been horrible and we stopped being friends
this good bye thing
isnt working for me
you are one of the best people i know and i dont want to say good bye to that
i was wondering if we could be friends again
she puts her hand out and he shakes it
friends again he says
she smiles

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OK Serious question, does Dannifer have any fan? why do they insit on putting the back together. I think if the couch at the horton square and the christmas light there pair up they would have more fan than Dannifer and more interesting too.
Seriously, no wonder Abigail is still a virgin, growing up with a mother who almost never managed to exist without a .... (feel free to insert whatever fits :P ) in her life. No way, can she believe in "the love of your life" shit her mother isn't even able to live as an example.

Thanks for posting. I haven't watched this misery in months, but I still care enough to read the previews. Unfortunately, there has been nothing to make me watch again. Since I am a Ari Z fan, maybe I am going to watch her losing the baby scenes one day on youtube. But I don't think I will, because I watched those scenes like what 2 years ago...are you kidding me...she rocked those scenes...I didn't need a reminder of her outstanding acting talents of the Day's cast!

Going to watch GH on youtube...only soap I more or less ENJOY right now.
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