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Nov 12 2012, 02:21 PM
Will comes into the coffee shop
says he is sorry he is late and thats the least of all the things he is sorry about
they sit
Will says ok
sorry for the way i acted
i cant tell you how bad i felt when i thought i blew
never want to feel that way again
sonny says i felt the same way
Will says i let what my dad said get to me,,,,im sorry
i really missed you
sonny says i missed you too
sorry i got so angry and didnt leave room for us to talk
Will says its all my fault
i cant be mad at you for being angry
i cant be mad at my dad for what he said, how i act is my decision
i was to blame
ill never do it again
i promise
think you could give me another chance
Sonny says thats what this is right here
Will says i asked you personal questions
and you didnt have to answer
Sonny says i didnt like the questions thats true
but i havent been completely honest with you

sonny says me and brian are just friends nothing happened
i want you to feel comfortable if you do want to ask me about my past
i havent been a monk since i was back in salem
i havent felt a connection with anyone till i met you
there is how i got you to my apartment
and everything
Will says the boxes
you set that up
sonny says you knew
will says no but my dad said you set it on purpose to lure me there
sonny says sorry
i knew you were new to all this i wanted to respect your process
but there is taking it slow and there is taking it slooooow
you are really hot and i thought you were going to be nervous and i was nervous, so i thought if we had time to relax and hang out , it would kind of
happen naturally
will says wow
my dad was right
lets tell him im sure he will be thrilled that he was right
will kisses him
says i dont think you can be lured anywhere you dont want to go
i wanted to be there with you
sonny says its amazing to hear you say that
will says i dont want to be here for another minute
ssonny says sure im not luring you anywhere
will kisses him again
stands up and takes his hand
and they leave the coffee place

sonny and will get to sonnys place
they are kissing
sonny says you ok
Will says yes i am
they kiss again

sonny and will still kissing

Can't hurry up tomorrow, let it come. Hurry up tomorrow! :wub:
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