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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Nov 12 2012, 02:21 PM
Tuesday, November 13th

jen goes to the hospital to see dan
she says i wanted to say i dont think
that things ended right between us
we said good bye like it was over
i dont want it to be over
these last few weeks have been horrible and we stopped being friends
this good bye thing
isnt working for me
you are one of the best people i know and i dont want to say good bye to that
i was wondering if we could be friends again
she puts her hand out and he shakes it
friends again he says
she smiles
The dreaded Dannifer SL ..... let's review. Somehow Dan & Jen are talking outside the Horton House... no real good explanation to how or why they are together there. Contrived storytelling at it's best, Dan was just there 5 mins ago talking to Hope and now he's back in all of a few scenes? They talk and Daniel has a hard time leaving her, not wanting to push things with Jen if you know what I mean. Dan eventual leaves.
Jennifer is at home and is taking to Hope about things and Hope bring up Bonass (Daniel) & surprisingly :sarcasm: Jennifer tells she has to leave to take care of something... and Hope stands there knowing she means Daniel. :puke:

Since when was the last time Jen & Dan were friends? When she went to see him in office in February to just make sure it was over for the 1000x? Dan and Jen haven't been friends in a long time. When Dan is talking to her early he flashes back to the scene when he tells her he loves her. When Dan looks at Jennifer he is drooling, no oozing with lust....love... whatever you want to call it, IMO he just wants to get in her pants. When Jen looks at Dan she keeps thinking she is losing her what? her BFF? This is not romance in a long shot, neither actor can pull off the dialogue to make it interesting or likeable.

What is this bullshit of things didn't end right between them, there is nothing between them....
I don't want it to be over..... sounds like Jennifer is desperate, she can't last 2 seconds without a man
You are one of the best ppl I know.. Obviously Jennifer doesn't know that many people. lol!!
she puts her hand out and he shakes it this a clealy a JnJ move... how many times did Jack and Jennifer reboot their unthinkable romance & sexual desires with the proverbial handshake?

These writers have not clue about history and making Jen & Dan friends for a few weeks of sexual tension.
IA with the poster that said, just hurry this up already so we can get it over with.
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