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The Room Stops
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Nov 12 2012, 04:36 PM
I may be one of few, but I enjoyed today's episode [well, not Chad because I refused to watch his scenes]. The only thing that would have made it better would have been for Doc to tell John to go out and buy himself a clue. Honestly, what is he sipping to be so accepting of Kristen so quickly?

And speaking of John/Doc, what was the point of her going to the cabin if they were just coming back the same day?
I'm so glad she gave him the silent treatment at the end. Well deserved and I kind of hope it continues into a one sided argument where John lashes out and Marlena just says "Are you finished?" and walks away again. John follows her and they have a real, honest, sincere fight. Where Marlena tells him all the reasons why she gets to be on edge and prepared for whatever's about to come. If they're going to disagree, at least let it be a real fight. John & Marlena have fights, in 1986 and 1993 (the years that perhaps defined, then redefined them) they had a lot of fights. In 1986, it wasn't because they didn't love each other, it was because they loved each other so much that it was frustrating a lot of the time. In 1993, it was because they loved each other too much and it showed the difference between Roman and John. Roman didn't fight with Marlena, he just said spiteful, awful things about John and why no one could just let him go, and then walked away. John had actual spats with her, her side was heard too.

And we pretty much saw that Marlena was right with Kritter's smirk outside the cabin. It's falling into her hands, she doesn't have to do much at all.

I'd be so up for Marlena to give John the silent treatment all day, even as they go to bed and then she gives into John's advances. It'd be very J&M (Caveman, The Plane to name a few examples). Angry!sex is fun.

Also... John said they had to catch the last ferry. Marlena said the previous day/episode that she would be taking the first ferry. Are we supposed to believe that the whole 7 minutes of airtime happened over like a day?
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