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Nov 12 2012, 05:17 PM
Nov 12 2012, 05:04 PM
Interesting episode tomorrow it seems and since I'll get my Lumi anyway I can have them these days, having them fight is always entertaining and some cold hard truths tend to come out when they are doing this, so bring it....

I'd have to see the scenes but here is what I find intriguing:

she says hold the phone, i know when you are lying just like when you know im lying
she says are you avoiding our son

I love how their past is always acknowledged, he can't pull a fast one on her and she can't either....


the truth is i knew what kind of a person she was when she dumped my brother for
lucas says for me ?
She says you and a lot of money

Nice way to touch on Eric and Nicole's history here....for those who didn't know Nicole's history pre 2008, then this should set it up rather nicely.

Here comes the WTFery for me


Lucas says truth hurts but im standing by what i said about sonny
sami says i dont understand whats wrong with sonny
Will says i have come to the conclusion that dad isnt going to approve of anyone i date
unless he happens to be a she

I really, really, really would love Days to do a bit of homework here. Lucas DOES have a history of disapproving someone Will dated and that was way before he came out. It was Mia, the drug addict, teen mom. Lucas did make a point at the time to tell Will and Sami about his feelings regarding Mia and Will and why he thought it was not good for his son to hook up with Mia. I wish that these following scenes:


he says i dont care that our son is gay
if he was with the wrong girl i would feel the same way
she says i dont buy it not for a minute
he says you know me , you know who i am

would have had Lucas come back with the fact that he WAS opposed to Mia....something as simple as three words of dialogue here would have made the difference in how Lucas is being portrayed, but since TomSell don't care in making Lucas look good at all, the heavy handed writing is either all for plot (which I'm hoping is what it is knowing what is about to come) or it's really what we've all known for a long time Tomlin can't stand the character of Lucas and will do everything in his power to make him look awful before our eyes...whatever...no matter what they do, that won't stop me from wanting Lucas to have a good and fulfilling storyline and won't make me love the character any less.

Oh, one more thing I'd like to touch with this episode...I see people saying he doesn't have a POV and I think he does....they have established, albeit it's stupid, but his POV is that he's worried that Sonny is more experienced and is only out to use Will. I wish they would have established it by having Lucas actually witness something that he thought was Sonny making advances at other men, but I guess it's established in this episode that Lucas WAS actually correct to assume that Sonny did have the halloween costume boxes delivered to his house instead of the coffee shop to use that as an excuse to get him into his apartment, so things can progress from there.....in the end, Lucas WAS right....it's just that Sonny doesn't have bad intentions with Will, Lucas thinks he does, but he doesn't......that doesn't make Lucas' behavior excusable in any way but he DOES have a POV.
Stop the presses, I knew Mia was a teen mom, but an addict? What kind of drugs was she taking? I recall Lucas did not trust her. I kinda like LUMI as only friends again.
She was a junkie...don't recall but her 12 step program had her saying that she wouldn't have a relationship with another person so soon and she jumped into something with Will...that and the kid and that is why Lucas didn't want Will with her...he thought she was bad news and had enough baggage to cause Will problem for years.

On Lumi, I love them as lovers, friends, enemies, coparents...they just freaking work whatever way you throw them in a scene...some have their preferences and that is fine...I just think it works out as Sami's best and most honest pairing and she doesn't have to turn into someone she isn't to be paired with him. Lucas doesn't change when he's with Sami and Sami has still been portrayed as a lying, conniving bitch when she's with him....neither change and that is good for both characters in a pairing.
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