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Nov 12 2012, 05:31 PM
Nov 12 2012, 05:15 PM
Nov 12 2012, 05:10 PM
LOL, so Sonny really did set things up to get Will in bed? Awesome. I didn't think he had it in him.
Yeah, put that proves that Lucas was right....
Not sure why Will doesn't feel stupid and naive... pretty much like his father insinuated.
Perhaps it didn't come across that way... I'm not sure why Will is so happy about being duped?

I never took will for Stupid......... then again he slept with Gabi with no birth control?
I disagree. Sonny is Will's boyfriend, so it shouldn't come as news to Will that Sonny thinks he's hot and wants to sleep with him. Lucas took that really natural thing that he was right about, then jumped into Lake Delusion where Sonny is a player who only cares about getting in Will's pants. Sonny's patient and supportive year long friendship disproves that, and I think Will realizes it.
I think Lucas is uncomfortable with accepting his son is gay. I think that is still normal and the way they are trying to depict it isn't that bad. He's flip flopping from "I'm fine with you being gay" ...."to I'm uncomfortable with you and Sonny kissing in public" to "I'm an ass and don't listen to what I'm saying, I support you and only want you guys to be happy" to "He lured you here with a fake excuse to get in your pants and maybe he's just moving to fast". I just wish these writers were better at creating the layers this story needs. Lucas is in this uncomfortable place and since he continues to mentioned his failed reconciliation attempt with Sami then I just wish he would have an honest conversation with Will and tell him how he's feeling, what he's feeling, how it's confusing him and maybe it's stemming from a very bitter place in HIS own heart and that he just doesn't want anyone happy, including his son, regardless of who he's with now, I would think that would be a more understanding way to explain all that Lucas is going through, instead of assuming something that turned out to be true, without really knowing much about Sonny to make that conclusion. Now if Sonny was dating Chad or Ej or anyone linked with a Dimera then I can see where Lucas' concern would be coming from, or even if Sonny had been shown to be screwing everyone guy in Salem when Lucas first arrived back, then it would play into how he's feeling now. But these writers leave us thinking that we could come up with these conclusions as to why he is behaving this way. I have no doubt that Lucas loves Will and I know it's difficult for the father of a son to acknowledge, accept and embrace he's gay. It took Will how long to come to terms with him sexuality and even THEN he had issues accepting who he was....now he's embraced it, I just think it takes parents (especially fathers of gay men) more time to deal with this. I just know it's all plot driven now and it's stupid, but whatever.
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