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Yeah, it kind of killed me that Kim ditched Nene. Bitch.

I don't understand what Adrienne is getting the flack though. Didn't all of the girls get together before the season two reunion and agree to attack Lisa/gang up on Lisa during the reunion? And Brandi and Camille kind of refused? I thought Kyle and Taylor were in on it with Adrienne too. I wonder why Lisa is taking it out on Adrienne.

I remember Way way way back when they revealed the first or second trailer for Beverly Hills season two, the girls were on a bed, there was a fight happening, and Adrienne said something to the effect of "Now we know that Lisa is the one going around stirring the pot." But the scene never made it into the episodes (that I know of.) I think there was definitely something that happened that made the girls turn on Lisa last season (Aside from her being so popular with the fans and Andy Cohen.)
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