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Nov 12 2012, 05:51 PM
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LOL, so Sonny really did set things up to get Will in bed? Awesome. I didn't think he had it in him.
Yeah, put that proves that Lucas was right....
Not sure why Will doesn't feel stupid and naive... pretty much like his father insinuated.
Perhaps it didn't come across that way... I'm not sure why Will is so happy about being duped?

I never took will for Stupid......... then again he slept with Gabi with no birth control?
I disagree. Sonny is Will's boyfriend, so it shouldn't come as news to Will that Sonny thinks he's hot and wants to sleep with him. Lucas took that really natural thing that he was right about, then jumped into Lake Delusion where Sonny is a player who only cares about getting in Will's pants. Sonny's patient and supportive year long friendship disproves that, and I think Will realizes it.
I have no problem with Sonny's 'games' to get Will in bed. Sending the customes to his place so that Will & He can spend some alone time together.... that is perfectly fine... but when having your father telling you how stupid and naive you are to a 'player' like Sonny, it downplays the romance of it. Will can love Sonny...but acknowledging that Lucas right...about the set up is creepy, not sexy.

I wanted more 'sexy for Wilson' and all we got was a couple of days of Sonny pushing Will away and now Will pulling him back in. Will is ready to be with Sonny... just not a dramatic as it could have been and leaving Lucas's dumbass comments out. IMO it would have been better if it was a convo betwen Sonny & Will about wanting to be together and Sonny attempt at seducing him.
It's a little weird that they're discussing Lucas just before they have sex, but it overall, it sounds fine to me, and I can't see how it makes Will look stupid, since he's clearly ready to take the next step anyway. Of course, I haven't seen it yet, and IIRC, you have, so maybe once it plays out, I'll see what creeped you out about it.

LL, I don't really have an issue with how the story is being told. All the different things Lucas has said make sense to me (not that they're right, or even logical), but I get why Lucas is in the place he's in, even though he's sending out conflicting messages, because Lucas is conflicted. From a completely objective standpoint, it would help to show Lucas struggling with all these things instead of having him pop up once a week to inform Will that he's in a new stage on the road to acceptance, but this is Days, so... :shrug:
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