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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, November 13th Daily Discussion

I personally find WilSon to be boring and I do not really care about their love life or how they go about doing anything. However, whether Sonny set the whole thing up to get Will to sleep with him is none of Lucas's business whatsoever. And no it does not make Sonny a bad person, a player, or anything even close to that. If I were a WilSon fan, I'd be cheering for Sonny for being so bold and for being so into his man that he'd do something mischievous yet totally harmless to achieve his goal. They are afterall a couple. He's not some predator luring his prey to his den of torture. He's Will's boyfriend, he's in love with him, he wants him, and he wants to sleep with him. What is wrong that? Absolutely nothing. And for Lucas to spew hypocritcal crap about Sonny being more experienced or supposedly promiscuous during his tour of Europe is totally laughable. This from a man who lost his virginity at 14 and spent his teen years and beyond bedding random women without a thought in the world. Please Lucas, where's that mirror he so often loves to hold up to Sami when you need it, lol. As far as I'm concerned, Lucas has zero POV when it comes to Sonny, absolutely nothing. Unless Lucas has hired a PI to do some extensive investigating into Sonny's sexual history in the years before he even met Will, Lucas has zero basis for his unreasonable and ridiculous assumptions. He's just being an ass, plain and simple. The reason being because he's lonely and bitter over Lumi's break up. That I feel sorry for him for but it's been months and seriously he needs to move the hell on.
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