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Plot driven crap in the aftermath of Nicole's storyline.

I guess we're supposed to forget Bitchifer's over-the-top, mean-spirited ranting about how she hated Nicole and Nicole didn't deserve to be a mother and Nicole was ruining the life of poor, defenseless Daniel. Now, practically overnight, Jen-Jen is just compassion itself--so generous and magnanimous to forgive the woman who tried to send her to jail. The woman she hounded and harassed for months before all this came to a head.

Daniel's ill-fitting halo also remains intact. Jen-Jen still thinks the sun shines out of his ass and he's "the greatest, bestest man evah," in spite of knowing that he deliberately involved himself with Nicole, professionally and personally. That he was nobody's victim and even he admits as much.

And of course, Nicole is the only one who's being told that she has to adjust her attitude and repent for her sins. Not that she doesn't have to take responsibility for her actions, but it's sickening that no one else involved in this is being asked or expected to reflect on their conduct. Bad girl, vixen, schemer--Nicole may be all those things but she didn't create this situation all by herself, yet she's the one who's lost the most. More insultingly, she's now being told to suck it up and be grateful to the woman who badgered her from the moment she discovered Nicole's involvement with Daniel, and whose own behavior was far from exemplary. No wonder she's bitter and just wants the whole Jennifer Horton Fan Club to fuck off and die.

TFP, Skye.
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