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Marlena hopes that Kristen is out of her life for good. Seeing that her old enemy is still sending John messages, she continues to delete them when his back is turned. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to see Brady at the hospital. He has a concussion from trying to fight off her muggers. She thanks him. He tells her to get out of town. When he tries to get his clothes on and stomp off, he woozily falls into her arms. John and Marlena arrive after hearing that his son was attacked. Kristen wonders how he never received her messages. Marlena has egg on her face. John confronts her and says that her paranoia is getting out of hand. She defends herself, insisting that Kristen is causing a rift between them. That opens up a bigger rift. While Brady admits to his dad that Kristen may not be so bad after all, the DiMera gets Marlena alone and tells her how bad she really is.
Kayla tells Hope that things are going extremely well for Caroline in California. It looks like Ma Brady and Bo will be back soon. Hope is thrilled. Abe arrives to hear her gushing about it. When he gets Kay alone, he worries about the quality of his parenting. She assures him heíd make Lexi proud. Later, Jennifer, Adrienne, Billie, Kayla and Hope meet up for their book group. They spend most of the meeting discussing loss.
Lucas pays Sonny a visit and they agree to a truce for Willís sake. Meanwhile, Nicole unloads on Eric. She reluctantly tells him about the nastiness with Jenn and Daniel. Heís sympathetic for her loss, but encourages her to try and make things right with them. Nicole begins ranting about Godís injustice so the priest calms her down. After he explains why heís chosen the priesthood, she heads to the square. She has flashbacks to her fight with Jenn and then decides to face her enemy head-on. Meanwhile, Hope runs into Eric and warns him to steer clear of Nicole.
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