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I agree with all of you about the episode and especially Tribal Council which had me on the edge of my seat. Just fabulous to watch!!!

Who ever wins will deserve it by not only surviving the weather elements but also the mental mindfield that is almost bubbling up through through the ground and overflowing liike lava. I find Abi one of the most unlikable players and dispise her as much as I did Heidi and Jenna ( eventual winner) of Season 6 Amazon and the revolting Colton and Alicia who were in One World. I cannot stand bullies or those who are so self centred and flat out nasty. I am thinking that this arrogance and self entiltement will be Abi's undoing very soon. Everyone else I am thoroughly enjoying watching epecially as they all scramble and scheme to find the best way to survive. Cannot wait for this week's epeisode.

My favourites are Denise, Lisa and Malcolm and even though I have never really been a big Jonathon Penner fan, I am liking him a lot this season. It is anyone's game epecially if they can hold their nerve and not let the mind games of every day camp life "do their heads in" LOL
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