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Nov 13 2012, 01:01 AM
I'm not going to miss Lori or Carol (if she's really dead) but I liked T-dog. He was useful didn't have all this stupid slut drama like Lori and he wasn't a snooze like Carol. I'm going to miss him. I want to see stupid Andrea die next how could she turn her back on Michonne like that after she took care of her and saved her ass more than once. Ugh I wish the women on this show weren't so aggravating. Maggie and Michonne are the only ones I like. OK done ranting
LOL Id have to say the opposite with Carol and T-Dog. I can't remember the last time T-Dog had a decent story since the whole key incendant in Season 1 when Merle was left on the rooftop. Heck in Season 2 I completely forgot he existed until they gathered to decide Randall's fate. I'm not saying Carol is my favorite because she's not even on the radar when it comes to that but I do like the interaction between her and Darrell.
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