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OMG! GH was AMAZING! By the time the characters of Anna, Duke, and Faison were originally featured on GH, I had stopped watching the show. I occasionally flipped to the show, so I knew who these characters were, but that's about it. With that said, I have to give an ABSOLUTE BRAVO it RC/FV for the brilliance for the way they've handled these returns.

And how much am I loving that characters are being allowed to call out Carly for the shit her and her merry band of fucking murderous criminals that Guza/Frons tried to pass off as honorable men driven to heinous acts all in an effort to protect their family? I AM LOVING IT!. AJ was demonized for fighting for his son the only way he knew how. Yeah, he went too far with the kidnapping and the *your parents no longer wants you, they have Morgan to love* and shooting Allen. But still, I was on his side against those three assholes. I loved that Michael is finally learning (hopefully soon ALL of) the truth.

The NBC/Sony/Days PTB could learn so much from RC/FV handling of GH. This how you write character returns. This is how you draw in viewers of all ages. This is how you write interesting strong women of all ages.

I found this great article by Sara Bibel:

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