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This episode had a lot of WTF dialogue going on. While I hate EJ "DiMera" being nice to anyone, I admit I liked him and Abby. But WHY would he have a lovely chat with Gabi? Her brother being his nemesis and all?

Chad fucking sucks...SUCKS!!! Mostly Casey's acting, but honestly...haven't seen him in weeks and have not even noticed. Talk about a useless character. He should have flown to Europe to find Melanie. Seriously.

Nicole really IS the only person who talks to herself. But Brady can get out. She'll talk to herself but not Brady. Ok.

I enjoyed the Jen/Nicole bitchy scenes. Well, the Nicole side of it. I'm still bitter and may never like Jen again, but at least she's SORT of acting like herself again. Taniel still sucks monkey nuts.

I can see with Bo gone Hope is going to have oh so much to do :eyeroll:

Husband and I were laughing as Jen was approaching the house and Tan was outside...Husband shouted: "Don't go in there! Hope hit her head and she's naked now!" I almost peed myself lol

John Marlena & Kristen were fun! Lots of Marlena death-stares!!! Yay!!!!

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