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I just had to give props and praise yesterday's show. I didn't have to FF anything except Hope and Daniel!

Loved the tension between John and Marlena! I mean, I think its stupid, but it reminded me of old time Days where there is a set up where nothing happened, but Marlena is suspicious and she keeps going all wackadoodle while John tells her to trust him and let it go with Kristen, until Marlena looks looney and Kristen appears innocent...until she isn't.

I think I could actually get behind Brady and Kristen...but K looked old in the scene next to Brady. It was the neck. They have a good banter and I think something could develop if Brady (more likely I) could get over Kristen sleeping with his dad. Kind of ew.

Loved Nicole today. She breaks my heart every time! Every time! I feel so sad for her. And when Jennifer came in and gave her speech, I even felt for Jennifer and her bad tan. Then Nicole goes all mega-bitch and I loved that too. It was a great scene...and even though all of the sadness and misery, my bad ass Nicole is still there. I love the no makeup too!

Liked the Gabi scenes today too. She is a bit of a nut herself, but I've kind of enjoyed the B story of her going crazy with Melanie and Chad, her fling with Will, then finding Nick and their quickie romance and now Chad is going nuts on her too. She's a pretty girl.
Chad reminds me of EJ with the hair and height and even some acting quirks. He can go a little OTT.

And I know I've mocked the shit out of Fifty Shades of Grey on Days, but it could work with EJ and Abby. The virgin talk with Abby and Gabi was awkward and lovely, and the next scene with EJ in his suit being all two-faced and bad, and idealistic Abby and her sweetness was nice. Seems like she is looking for some kind of daddy figure, and EJ could be tired of the woman drama and want someone to mold to his lifestyle.
It works!
I hope the writers snatch this up...its something new and lots of angsty drama! What scandal too! :)
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