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For me the problem is this, though I LIKE the John/Marlena/Kristen story (kind of), Marlena DOES have the right to act crazy/paranoid about Kristen because of their past. And JOHN should be more understanding of this. CAUSE THE DUMMY WAS THERE! Change shmange, Marlena has the right to hate and not forgive/not accept Kristen for the rest of her freaking life.

WilSon story is fine.

Gabi and Nick and pregnancy. I just don't give a fuck. I have tried. But I hate the character of Gabi with the fire of 100 billion republicans, I mean suns. I HATE that this is going to be Will's kid. I HATE that this will tie Gabi to Will forever. If I could fall to the ground and throw a tantrum over this stupid, predictable, story, I would.

Jen forgiving Nicole and Nicole being pathetic/crazy. I HATE JENNIFER/DANIEL/NICOLE TOGETHER.

Brady and Kristen? Ugh. Not what I had in mind.

Where is my EJ????? Good lord, can't their be a happy medium on this damn show? There is STILL no balance.
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