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MIA: I'm officially a Karent fan! I'm amused how much the other ladies get overworked by a smile. Just like Heather and Ramona on NYC. Heather cracked me up when she would smile, and now Karent is doing the same thing. I love it.

I'm glad Joanna and Romain got back together. While I think he could be really cheating on her, and if it's ever proven, I hope she kicks him to the curb, until then, they're a very good looking couple. Great eye candy those two are.

Lea broke my heart. I've never been a fan of Lea's, but last night I definitely started warming up to her.

BH: Nothing really popped out to me on this episode. It wasn't really a bad episode. I just didn't really care for anything. It was great seeing Camille. I even liked seeing Dana. Does anyone else think Kim's face looks deformed? I know she gets a nose job at some point in the season, but that hasn't happened yet and Kim just doesn't look right. It could be that her face just looks different due to her no longer drinking, taking pills, etc.

Mauricio and Paul in heels was hilarious. As was Adrienne and Paul's trip to the shoe store. I'm so sad they didn't last. I enjoyed the bickering they did, and really thought it was what kept them together. Unfortunately, from everything we've been hearing, the bickering only hid much darker stuff.

I still can't stand Lisa. As for Brandi, I didn't like her in the episode, but I actually liked her on WWHL with Andy Cohen. That was a first when it comes to Ms. Glanville.

Yolanda is still a non-factor in my mind, and I think they could've found someone better to join.
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