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Nov 13 2012, 11:03 AM
Sweeps don't have to be about big events and shouldn't always be about them. When you make every sweeps about some big bombshell, it weakens the story because everything is geared towards creating that big, explosive event. GH did this for years and the while the sweeps ratings would be okay, the show would plummet in the off months because there was no actual story being told -- just transitions from one event to another.

This sweeps, we have the big reveal of Nicole's lies, Bo and Caroline's exit, and now Eric's return. We've also had Kristen's manipulations (leading to her reveal), Sonny and Will getting together, and the reveal of Gabi's pregnancy. People may not like those stories/reveals, but it's actually quite a bit of stuff happening.
I agree that sweeps don't have to be about spectacle. But they are about increasing ratings and boosting advertiser rates. That means sweeps should be about capturing the attention of new viewers and luring back former viewers. GH seems to be getting that now and they're seeing results. However, other than the highly touted blip of an increase last week -- mostly attributable to the one-day bump for PR's departure episode, Days hasn't done much. And they don't give me a sense that they're even trying that hard.

As a former dedicated viewer who would like to be able to enjoy the show again, I feel this writing regime hasn't done anything this month to pull me back in. It's not that there aren't things happening. But the writing is so shallow and weak. Emotional beats are skipped or rushed. The POV and focal points of the story are off. Missed opportunities abound.

Maybe after the overly-hyped reboot last year, the show has decided to be low-key and downplay sweeps. But whatever their so-called strategy, assuming they have one, it's not producing markedly better results. Imo, a tenth of a percentage point here or there is not worth issuing press releases about. And it only shows how low the bar is for TPTB. They've basically given up on drawing in viewers in large numbers. To me, these lacklustre spoilers mean that it's all about running out whatever clock they've got left . The show's lack of effort to try for anything more reveals that.

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