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Nov 13 2012, 04:13 AM
Nov 12 2012, 10:47 PM
camera shy
Nov 12 2012, 07:13 PM
Did anyone notice that when Hope was talking to Daniel and he was looking at a picture of Jenn and Jack the look on his face implying that he knew Jennifer was still in love with Jack, Hope picked up the picture tuck it behind her back as if to suggest that Jack and Jennifer were over and said something like Jennifer now belonged with Daniel? I've never been a fan of Jack and Jennifer as a couple, but this struck me as extremely rude to their fans and so unneccessary.
Of course JnJ fans saw this rude behavior of Hope's hiding Jack's picture behind her back to infer Dan and Jen have a future. I wanted to slap Hope. Just imagine if the tables were turned, and if Bo had died. I sure as hell wouldn't be happy if Jennifer was pimping the next available man in her direction. Dan is wonderful and the greatest, bestest man ever.... it BS. Obviously TPTB intentionally had her do it to promote the wild love affair of Dannifer. It is absolutely a slap in the face to JnJ fans everywhere and it nice to see even non-JnJ fans see the ill humor in her actions against Jack's memory.
Hope is now officially on my hate list. I hope the writers make her Daniel's next patient . It would serve her right.
I was wondering where the Dope references were. Dr Dan definitely looked like she might be the next one in his sights.
So blinded by the possiblity of EJabby that it seemed to slip by.

Hope has a husband she deeply loves who has now gone AWOL.
Jennifer has full strength and has shown she can probably look after herself.

I think Dr Dan will be moving on to his next lady in need.... somebody better send Hope a good supply of vitamins we don't want her getting ill.
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