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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

^ Love your post annie21. Considering what DAYS could have done and they could be doing, they seem to be stuck in a rut of repetitive & crappy SLs that are lackluster and boring. DAYS is stuck in a time warp. The writing and pacing did not get any better. If you look at the current cast... there is a severe lack of conhesion amongst the groups. I will TomSell kudos for trying to mix character interaction on screen but everthing is still so random and WTF.

DAYS is an empty shell of what is used to be. I do not see it getting any better with this regime. Bringing back TomSelll were not the right replacements since they were the original fuckery that were ousted for MARDAR. If we don't see a regime change in by Jan 2013.... IMO TomSell will be the ones to close out DAYS. I just can't see it gettting renewed with the awful SL telling tactics that TPTB are trying to pass off as a soap.
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