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Nov 13 2012, 08:43 PM
I hate what they have done to Lucas. I just don't get where he is coming from. I get him being protective over his son. But he knows Sonny is not the kind of person to hurt Will. I also get he is having trouble coping with his son being gay. But his attitude just seems to over the top. On the other hand I am loving the Sami and Will scenes.

I didn't mind the Sonny and Cameron scenes. It came from nowhere but it was nice to see Sonny talk to a friend.

Sonny and Will's conversation was great. I loved Sonny calling Will hot and Will leading them back to Sonny's place. Loved the hot kissing at the apartment.

The fainting by Gabi was just terrible. That was just not very well acted at all.
i do the head writer hate him

the all point the episode to try portray as big bad bigot and like lucas would never

problem if will was dating girl while lucas did had problem when will dating girl he had problem will dating mia tomsell try rewrite it despite they are that wrote in first place
like they did rewrite justin and adrianne never had problem while when sonny just got to salem he told victor they had problem

they never even bother to write how lucas knows about bryan

adrianne and sami already call lucas bigot and everyone call it on him lucas problem is will being gay

they Deliberately show disparity to lucas scenes to others like kate about will and sonny unlike lucas and of course adianne and sonny comapre will

nick the science geek the all sudden became about Religion and that why is not uncomfortable with wilson
T became wilson match maker
lucas does not not have point view and and very littlie airtime to guess it
he went in month which he had only been in 3 epiosdes from the beginning of the month saying to wilson any idiot can see you meant for each other to the end of the month he is telling billie sonny is using will
sonny written close to sainthood so of course if lucas has problem with sonny there something wrong
lucas is simply set out to be villan to wlison fans which seem to works to almost of wilson fans you do not believe how many posts of wilson fans i read bashing lucas and want him gone or someone will hit him and being horrible to wilson and will

sami and will can not be unit for lucas but they sure can be unit against him how wonderful :rolleyes:

lucas going from this from mardr
Posted Image

Posted Image

to now sonny is user :soapbox:
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