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Nov 14 2012, 03:27 AM
Nov 13 2012, 03:55 PM
Nov 13 2012, 03:35 PM
How is nicole having a flashback with eric when gv wasnt the original eric? And maxine i love u but we dont need someone everyday telling nicole how awful she was to jen. And marlena is just unprofessional to deny nicole any help thats her job she could have atleast said it nicer. Im so glad gabi knows will is the father and no chance that nick is. I cant wait to see will and nicks reaction to this news. Love the sound of the ej and kristen scenes these two really do have great chemistry
Yeah I found Marlena to be totally unprofessional, she should have said I can't be your therpist because of our history but I can give you a referral to Dr._______. No instead she's just rude. Maxine is just another one to critize Nicole and PIMP Saint Jenn, sadly I used to like Maxine guess she's drank the kool-aide. WOW Tomlin even finds a way to ruin the bit players (SHOCKER).
I just watched that scene on the day ahead channel on youtube and she did offer to refer her to someone... and I can kind of understand her point in not being able to treat Nicole, she's close friends with the Horton Family, how is she supposed to be impartial in a situation like this :shrug:

Thanks for the prevue - it played out better than the write up, so I take back what I said about Marlena she did handle it the way it should have been handled.
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