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You know there have been real cases of Catholic priests that have had relationships (and even children) with women (here is one example: http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/05/28/us-usa-priest-idUSTRE54R70020090528) , who then went on to convert and they were able to marry in their new religion and continue to serve God.

If Eric was shown not to love Nicole EVER then I can see what you were saying and even then, priests are human, they commit sins like everyone else, they CAN fall in love and have. IMHO it's a very good story to tell, very soapy and something that can touch on realism. My preference would be that they tell this story as Eric after years of feeling empty and not finding anyone who he can love as much as Nicole decided to embrace God. It gave him comfort and helped him move on with his life. Now he's back and realizes he never stopped loving Nicole and seeking God was only a way to have him forget her and it never worked. He then has to deal with not only the re-emergence of his feelings for Nicole but also his betrayal of God and the church.
Likie I said pick another religion, Catholic's are always USED for this kind of story. So in your soapy story he has to give up his TRUE religion and chose another so he can screw Nicole. Sorry again as a Catholic I find it repulsive, I don't appreciate my religion being used like this. But then again I guess some find it all soapy and want to tune in for it obviously, but then that's a topic for a whole other board - there is an old saying NEVER talk Politics or Religion it can be a very touchy subject. So if as a Catholic I don't appreciate my religion being used excuse me. :shame:
I'm a catholic too, but you know what I can deal with this as opposed to other stories Days has tried to sell over the years that truly make absolutely no sense.

On the Eric religion thing...when was it his true religion? Why does he have to give it up? He can stop being a priest and continue being Catholic. And why did he pick to become a priest to begin with? What circumstances lead to him making that decision and why? All these questions haven't been answered yet because the story is barely starting but if his ultimate excuse for 'finding God' was that he couldn't get Nicole out of his system, and only did it by becoming a Catholic priest then IMHO I can deal with that.

Maybe it's because I've always loved Eric and Nicole and I've been a fan of them since the very beginning that I'm looking forward to this story being told. It's gives the relationship a truly forbidden love type of feel and one that doesn't make me want to throw up. Maybe it's because I think it has potential, not that I can believe that TomSell will do it justice, but that is another story.
I think your last sentence is key. Yes, this story could have potential if written with care and sensitivity -- and a flare for drama -- but the big problem is this writing team and their executives. They manage to get a few scenes right here and there (e.g., Bo and Caroline or Will and Sonny), but it's like they're giving the bare minimum that they have to before they rush onto something else.

In general, since TomSell's return, the show has made a sudden shift into religious territory and it's not just Eric the Priest. It's also Nick the Reformed Inmate, John the Deacon (or whatever), Kristen the Devout and Pious, and Jennifer the Church Lady. Part of me wonders whether this is an attempt on the part of the show to appease religious viewers who may be upset over the gay storyline. (Judging by the Days FB page, there are quite a few.) For example, maybe they think having Gabi choose to keep her baby after talking it over with her priest will offset any controversy. But if they somehow think that the story of a priest being seduced out of his collar and robe by an old girlfriend is the way to reach out to their religious viewers, they are laughably off-track.

Another part of me just thinks they're cynically trying to recycle stories from the 90s (which was in a totally different political/religious climate) and they don't give a flip about what viewers think.

Bottom line: I don't trust this regime to do it justice.

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