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Nov 14 2012, 09:54 PM
^ Madison's name was brought up two or three times in convo with Brady in the last while, by him or someone else. Brady is getting over her in own way... nobody else really knew her and he is not fondling her pic in front of our face.

LOL, the writers refused to write a story about Jack, but can't seem to stop talking about him. Part of me loves it and the other part hates it. Talk about suckering a dead character's fanbase. :redface:

Dreamer, you may be right. I don't follow all of Brady's stuff that closely. But in recent convos with Maggie and Jennifer, his recent loss was referred to in vague terms such as "she" or his "soulmate" but the actual name of Madison was not uttered by either side. I noted it at the time because it occurred to me to think TomSell want to eradicate all of MarDar's creations (e.g., Madison, Ian, Nicole's baby).

And LLB, it has occurrred to me that the story seems to be open to a Jack return, but like you, I doubt it will happen on Tomlin's watch unless he gets pressure from above.

Anyway, it looks llike they're setting up to cure Dr. Dan's shaky hands (another MarDar invention) and move him back into surgery. I'm ready for him to stop fondling Jack's photo while the writers try to inject some sort of belated integrity into his character. They're trying to make him sound heroic in giving Jennifer some room to mourn, but there are two glaring problems with that: (1) it can just as easily be seen as Daniel's ego isn't thrilled at the notion of competing with a dead guy's memory; and (2) Jennifer is not mourning -- not that we can see anyway.

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