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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

You makes some really good points in your posts. Except when you write, but he's already died several times, so it's not surprising to me that she can move through the grief quicker than most. Yikes, that scares me.

In reality ppl don't lose the same person 3 times to death, so IMO each time to me would be the same. Grief is grief. I would have wanted one, just one heart-felt grief scene from the real Jennifer Horton to show me that she at least cared about this man who loved her for the last 20 years of her life.

I never bought that she really loved Jack this go and I had no doubt that her feelings for Daniel weren't too far away her heart & soul. It would have worked wonders to have Jennifer do one believable grieving scene to provide real closure to that part of her life, a life with Jack, whether is was lackluster or trivial or baseless or useless...normal ppl don't just up and feel nothing. Jennifer's character has always felt something, even for the biggest losers, so yes, In this case I will call Jack a loser. Jennifer and compassion use to go hand in had and all we got to see was a cold hearted bitch. I do find it rather unbelievable that TPTB treated Jack as some sort of huge sacrifice Jennifer made for her family. Close family and friends would have help Jennifer mourn, not pimp her in the closest direction of another man's love. Plain and Simple, it was all very wrong.

You know Dannifer could have been 1000x better, but TPTB just don't seem to care enough the pairing to make it worth while. That tells me a hell of a lot.
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