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Helpless Romantic
Nov 14 2012, 08:37 PM
Nov 14 2012, 07:20 PM
Ok after watching the day ahead, I take back what I said about Will, lol. His reaction was amazing. I love how he didn't freak out and wasn't denying responsibility. In fact he told Gabi "We're pregnant", lol. Loved that part. He reminded me so much of Lucas in this scene.

Nick is a total jerk and I'm not buying the tough guy persona one bit. He still comes across as a nerdy dork, lol

Anyway the Wabi scenes were great and I adore their friendship. Will gets major kudos for reacting like a man and not a coward.
I LOVED IT! :D I'm really starting to think they will have Nick go psycho again but I hope not. I am not liking his attitude towards Will at all.
Nick is a very angry guy and it seems anything might push him over the edge. He already hates Will. What was with that reaction when Gabi mentioned studying with Will and confiding in him? Nick seemed creepily jealous. Seriously he's jealous over a gay guy and he doesn't even know yet that Wabi slept together. Can you imagine his reaction when he does find out? I can see him really going off the deep end. His jealousy totally creeped me out.
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