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Nov 15 2012, 02:19 AM
Nov 15 2012, 02:03 AM
There have already been several subtle hints (that could easily be missed or dismissed, but were there nevertheless) that Nick still has that obsessive nature that he previously had. The most recent (before Thursday's episode, anyway) was when he declared his love for Gabi, and she said that she felt the same way. To most people, that probably would have been enough, but Nick had to hear the actual words, "I love you."

It's also clear that Nick gets pissed off every time Will and Sonny are around -- Gabi thinks that it's just because of Nick's feelings about gay people, but (to me, anyway) it's obvious that Nick is also annoyed whenever Gabi's attention is not focused entirely on him.

Just speculation on my part at this point, but as far as I'm concerned, Nick hasn't changed -- he's still unbalanced, and it's only a matter of time before that part of his personality fully emerges again.
Yeah, speculation indeed.

I don't think him wanting hear her say she loves him means he's obsessive again. I'd want to hear it from my SO too. Nick getting pissed off whenever WilSon are around is a big reach. He's genuinely uncomfortable around them. It's got nothing to do with Gabi and not much to do with WilSon themselves for that matter. Nick explicitly said it's his issue.
Oh, I realize that he's uncomfortable around Will and Sonny -- my point is that I believe that he would show similar behavior if someone else was taking her attention away from him. This issue is that (as far as I can recall) we haven't really seen Nick and Gabi with anyone other than Will, Sonny, or Chad thus far -- and (as I said before) you can easily dismiss those cases because of his feelings for those three men, but I still think there's an underlying, deeper issue there. To me, he wants to be the center of her universe.

I'd be creeped out if someone was practically ordering me to say "I love you", but maybe that's just me. Right now, since nothing has been firmly stated one way or another, it's all about how we each interpret the scenes (and I think that's exactly what the writers intended to do). Nick isn't necessarily showing his obsessive nature any more clearly than Kristen is showing her manipulative nature at the moment, but I'm sure that most viewers are certain that Kristen hasn't changed. I feel the same way about Nick, with about as much evidence to go on at the moment.

Anyway, enough speculation; I'll leave it at that and eagerly wait with you to see how it all plays out.
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