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Nov 15 2012, 02:23 AM
Nov 12 2012, 02:14 AM
Nov 9 2012, 07:48 PM
So I'm guessing Nicole apologizes to Jen to try and impress Eric. I hate when they change a good villain or vixen to fit with a saint. That almost always ends up backfiring. :shame:
Which is why EJole will always be endgame!
I think they done for good because EJ has proven time and time again, that he can't get over his obsession with Sami and judging from Kristen's comment about Sami being in his blood likely never will. I can't see Nicole taking back a man she knows will never love or want her as much as he does her enemy and who she would never be able to trust too stay faithful when he's around the woman.

As proven before the ins and outs of who ends up with who, or if they will love a certain person ever again is not set in stone. look at Sami and EJ, who woulda thunk the idiot would think of being with her after she tried to kill him? Eric did want Nicole back even though she took Kate's five mil, Stefano is the love of Kate's life even though he tried to murder her son and blackmailed her. Days is never final not even in death. As far as i have seen Nicole has only truly loved EJ, she's taken him back before even when she knew Sami was an issue and EJ was actually happy with her as he could be. She made him happy. He may be obsessed with Sami but she's never made him happy, or loved him, or wanted him above another man when she thought she had other options, her idea of a family was her, Rafe and the kids but her being with EJ is because of 'the kids' not the man himself regardless of how sexy and attractive he physically is......I could go on but why bother we all know their history.

EJ is just not the person Sami wants to be with but can't say no to his warm body. If I was EJ I would be insulted.
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