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LOL @ Jeff looking like a sex offender. Can't say I disagree.

RC's reaction was great and I loved Artis getting blindsided. LMAO. You idiot. At least Pete has some brains and doesn't come off as bad. I liked how he voted for Penner out of respect not because he was just a returning player. I kinda like Pete, at least he was there to play the game after years of models not interested in actually playing. I'd assume he's next on the chopping block though I guess he could win immunity. If he does, Penner and Carter better be worried if the alliance that formed sticks and I hope it does. Carter is zzzz but I love the alliance. Probably one of my favorite alliances ever right up there with the Marquesas overthrow involving Neleh, Paschal, Sean and Kathy.

EDIT: I guess it's because I physically block her out of my mind but Abi-Maria was painted as the most vulnerable in the previews. I doubt it. She may be a bitter nasty bitch but she's not a threat. She wasn't even picked to participate in the reward. LMAO. Such karmic justice for sitting out all of those challenges. I'm also glad it wasn't one of those whoever isn't picked gets to go anyway with the winning team BS.

And please let this season be a trend going forward. Cast competitive people who want to play this game and that are interesting. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED. It works. The idols have added some drama but they're stupid. ENOUGH of them.

And Danny, I'm already envisioning Lisa's meltdown at the FTC if she makes it that far and honestly, after 25 seasons of watching this show, she's destined for it, IMO. I just feel it. I'm already seeing her piss away her shot like Amanda in China did. I really hope not though!

Can you even imagine a possible final four between Skupin, Penner/Lisa (whoever they work with for final five), Carter (an easy vote-off whenever they want), Malcolm and Denise? Besides Carter's boring ass, I'll be in heaven. I'm just grateful I can still get invested in this show and love it again. Yay. LOL. I'm such a Survivor nerd.
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