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Whether Rafe is thrilled about Gabi deciding to have the baby or to have an abortion, we know she doesn't decide to have an abortion because this story is continuing into next year. There is no reason for the Nabi wedding in January (and from the Hayes's tweets recently regarding Nick/Gabi and weddings, I'm pretty sure it's a Nabi wedding) or for Lucas & Sami to have scenes with Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny if the Wabi baby is aborted in the next few weeks. Where would the drama be and why would anything the 4 of them do affect Will's parents? I think Nick is probably going to demand that he be the baby's father. With his attitude already, he's not going to want a gay person raising his girlfriend's kid and judging by his possessive nature, he's going to want to marry Gabi right away so that he can claim the Wabi baby as his own. This all falls in line with the spoiler about a couple getting engaged but for the wrong reasons.
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