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I don't know...Nick seemed awfully pissed to me, not uncomfortable. When Will says he needed Gabi's help Nick says "typical". What?! How is that typical? Since when does he act like that towards Will? He acted like Will was a big jerk, and like he's always been one. I thought they were cousins and that he loved Will. He didn't act that way here. I got a jealous vibe from he as well. I think he's going to go crazy when he hears she got knocked up by Will. I hate it because I really like sweet Nick. Don't like him when he acts like this.
Seriously this is way more than Nick just being uncomfortable. He's being an outright homophobic bigoted jerk to Will who is his cousin and history wise, he has no reason whatsoever to hate. But he hates him and that's pretty clear. Today's scenes alone show that Nick can't stand him and hates the fact that Gabi is hanging out with him. The fact that he's jealous because Gabi confided in Will and is working on a school project with him screams instability and borderline psychotic behaviour. He knows Will is gay so there should be no reason for Nick to be jealous or insecure or possessive over Gabi. I agree that Nick is going to go right over the edge when he finds out this is Will's baby. Whether he reacts impulsively or is more calculated about it, we'll see. But he's going to do something and it's not going to be pretty.
I think it's two parts with Nick...he's definitely uncomfortable every time he sees Will and Sonny because of his views on gays...but he's also showing some signs of jealousy toward the friendship that Will has with Gabi. He's being written more and more as obsessive over Gabi. I have to say if this dynamic continues after he finds out about Gabi's baby being Will's then it could cause some real drama for the Hortons and I couldn't be more glad that at least the focus will be on two cousins that are Hortons over any other family.
I also think it's interesting that this seems to be leading up to some sort of feud between Horton cousins. Whose side will the Hortons take now? It's one thing when they were all on Nick's side when it came to releasing him from prison for what he did to Melanie. But what happens when he ends up hurting another Horton? Either Will or Will's baby? Then I have a feeling Nick is toast.
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