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Spencer Hastings
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Nov 15 2012, 08:03 AM
These are just funny! Plus....really awesome pictures don't hurt. :)

Deidre Hall: Hi honey. I know you're been having a tough time with losing the baby, losing Daniel and that humiliating moment at Horton Square, but try my firming eye cream. It'll ease all that puffiness.

Posted Image

Deidre Hall: Gabi, you look like you've fainted and gone to the hospital and been given some shocking news as Sami listened and Nick waited outside. Look at you! The color has completely drained out of your face! Here, try my Blush/Bronzer!! That'll fix everything!!!

Posted Image

See Kristian, this is how you shamelessly promote your fashion line! Might as well have fun with it! I must say though, AZ and Camilla look absolutely stunning in these pictures. Maybe her line really works. :blink:

Also, I'm going to need some Marlena/Nicole scenes, STAT.
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