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I don't think Nick goes psycho again. I think he finds out the baby and that Will is the father (okay, I know that part because it's in a spoiler). Then his already established "issues" with homosexuality are going to come into play and he's going to be pushing Gabi to marry him because he wants the baby to be raised "right." Somewhere in all of that, Gabi and Will are going to agree to keep the paternity a secret. My guess is that the truth comes out during a Nick/Gabi wedding. Thus we get the Sonny/Will angst from the whole deal.

I think to the extent Nick goes "crazy" it's not a full blown nutcase situation where he hurts somebody or anything. It's more that those darker parts of his personality push him to try and "protect" Gabi and the baby. Based on the spoiler tweets, I'm betting the Sami/Nick scenes are about Sami finding out that Will is the father of the baby and trying to establish some rights and Nick refusing and talking Will's sexuality.
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