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NE Spoilers wk of November 26th

Phyllis catches Adam spying on Jack

Jack's behavior worries Phyllis

Cane and Lily choose pleasure over business

Nina says farewell to Paul

Can Billy keep Victor from telling Victoria that he knew Victor was alive in LA

Courtesy of Meghan @ Telboards

Daily Spoilers wk of 11/26th

11/26, Nina says farewell to Paul; things heat up between Nick and Avery.

11/27, Neil and Cane get into a conflict at work; Kevin's announcement shocks Chloe.

11/28, Phyllis is alarmed by Jack's behavior; Chloe receives questionable advice.

11/29, Victor's revelation leaves Victoria devastated; Fen avoids Michael's questions.

11/30, Cane tells Jill to avoid Tucker; Chelsea threatens to reveal Sharon's secrets.

Episode Titles and Previews

(The Fairwell)
11/26,Nina says farewell to Paul; Avery and Nick's relationship intensifies.(CC) (Stereo)

(Work Problems)
11/27, Cane and Neil argue at work; Kevin's announcement shocks Chloe.(CC) (Stereo)

(Jack's Behavior)
11/28,Phyllis becomes concerned with Jack's behavior; Jill delivers Chloe some questionable advice.(CC) (Stereo)

(Victor's Revelation)
11/29, Victor's revelation upsets Victoria; Fen tries to avoid Michael's questions.(CC) (Stereo)

(Work Problems)
11/30, Cane warns Jill to keep her distance from Tucker; Chelsea threatens to reveal Sharon's secrets.(CC) (Stereo)

Teasers wk of 11/26

11/26, Kevin sinks further into depression

11/27, Phyllis catches Adam spying on Jack, while Chloe is shocked by Chelsea’s confession

11/28, Jack’s behavior alarms Phyllis.

11/30, Cane and Lily trade business for pleasure

TV Guide Previews

Nina says good-bye to Paul, while Avery and Nick's relationship heats up.

Cane and Neil clash at work, while Kevin's announcement stuns Chloe.

Jack's behavior alarms Phyllis, while Jill gives Chloe questionable advice.

Victor's revelation devastates Victoria, while Fen dodges Michael's questions

Cane cautions Jill to stay away from Tucker, while Chelsea threatens to expose Sharon's secrets.

Y&R -- Chelsea heads for a heated confrontation with Sharon about Sharon's relationship with Adam. After Nick and Billy rescue Victoria and they all return to Genoa City, Victor once again becomes determined to force Billy out of Victoria's life. Billy remains unimpressed when Victor once again threatens to tell Victoria that Billy knew that Victor was alive and well and living in L.A. while Victor's family was still searching for him. Later, Nikki attempts to convince Victor to stand back and allow Victoria to make her own decisions about her relationships. At that point, Victor reveals to Nikki that Billy knew that Victor was living in California long before Billy told Victor's family that Billy had located Victor. Nick's relationship with Avery takes a serious turn. Phyllis catches Adam spying on Jack. Jack continues to lean on painkillers as he deals with the aftereffects of his recent back surgery. Jack's behavior worries Phyllis. Cane begins to feel insecure about his job at Jabot. Remember, not so long ago, Cane seriously believed that Jack intended to appoint Cane as the CEO of Jabot while Jack concentrated on getting Newman up and working. Cane becomes annoyed when Devon turns up for work at Jabot - and Neil asks Cane to show Devon around. Devon begins to believe that Cane believes that Devon's presence at Jabot means that Cane will be eased out of his management responsibilities. Devon tries to reassure Cane that Devon is NOT attempting to take over Cane's job, but Cane remains skeptical. Cane is annoyed when he ends up missing some important meetings while he is giving Devon a grand tour of Jabot's headquarters offices. Although Neil also reassures Cane that there is no move afoot to ease Cane out of his job, Cane becomes even more concerned when Cane tries to bring Neil up to speed on some creative ideas which Cane has been developing - and Neil suggests that Cane should run his ideas past Devon first. Later, when Cane shares his concerns with Lily, worrying about missing some important meetings because Neil asked Cane to show Devon around the Jabot offices - Lily tries to reassure Cane that Neil would never be doing something so underhanded, in an attempt to hustle Cane out of his position at Jabot. However, secretly, Cane wonders if Neil is still miffed about the various periods during the past, when Cane's short-sighted decisions have had a negative impact on Lily. Later, Cane and Lily choose pleasure over business. Chloe and Kevin are devastated when they learn that Adam has offered his share of Tag and Grab to Tucker - and Tucker has taken Adam up on his offer. Chloe and Kevin are crushed when they learn that the contract which they signed with Adam allows whomever purchases Adam's share to also buy out Kevin and Chloe's share at a NOMINAL price. After he learns how little they will be receiving from Tucker's decision to take over Tag and Grab, Kevin has a meltdown and heads for a heated confrontation with Adam. Nina says farewell to Paul. - and announces her plan to return to California. After Paul shares a sad farewell with Nina, Christine and Paul discuss their relationship and begin making plans to share a future together. Christine makes plans to let Danny know that she believes that her future belongs with Paul. Can Billy keep Victor from telling Victoria that Billy knew that Victor was alive and well and living in L.A.?
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