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Spencer Hastings
Nov 15 2012, 09:43 AM
Also, I'm going to need some Marlena/Nicole scenes, STAT.
You, me and Ari agree! I get that Marlena has every reason in the word (and multiple of those, actually) to despise Nicole, but I'd love for Marlena to sort of take Nicole under her wing, esp if she's back in Eric's world.

I like the shilling, it's a cute and fun way to do it, and fitting, since it's make up she's developed with the knowledge from the work they're all in. And man, Camilla is just gorgeous. It's easy to ignore in my Gabi hatred, but she really is a beautiful girl. But my favorite is the Ari/Dee pic. It's funny and beautiful, and it combines my two current DAYS faves.

Now, show wise, the hospital gown. It would actually be a little nod to history if Gabi/Will's spawn was born premature. Marlena had a premie, it's a good chance to bring up DJ. She doesn't talk about him much (they've mentioned him like twice in the last 30 years), so Will might've never heard about him. A good chance for some emotional scenes. The Kristen trouble, add in Will's son being born premature and that's a recipe for some good ole' Marlena cryin'. But this show doesn't like to grasp opportunities, so I'll expect it to be Gabi falling down some stairs.
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