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24 June 1997

Franco is on the phone telling his boss that Bo and Billie have been married, and he tells his boss he will help Hope cope with her pain. Meanwhile Hope recalls another fake flashback with Bo, and says she has to say goodbye to Bo. Franco finds Hope, and she says it's hard to rebuild her life when she is surrounded by so many memories of Bo. Hope says she feels like such a fool, and that she has nowhere to go now. Franco tells her he knows where she can stay, and takes her to his hotel room. Franco says he will get another room, and Hope accepts his kindness. Franco encourages her to go take a bath, and then he calls someone about a total surprise for her.
As Hope soaks in a bubble bath she dreams of Bo joining her. Hope remembers Bo's warnings about Franco, but she says all Franco has ever been was a wonderful friend. Hope leaves the bathroom and finds Franco waiting for her with dinner. Hope notices that there is only setting for one person, and Franco says that he wanted to do something special for her. Hope tells Franco that he's so special, and is sorry for all the accusations Bo made against him. When Frano leaves the room he says he's going to make her forget Bo and fall in love with him.

In Rome Billie is trying to find Bo to warn him that his cover has been blown. On the docks Bo wonders where his backup is while King learns the truth about Bo from Max. Bo plays it cool around King, and King says there's been a change of plan, and pulls a gun on him. King tells Bo he warned him not to double-cross him, and now he has to pay the price. Bo tries to talk his way out of it, but King tells him to save it, and that he's going to make Bo watch his son, Hope, and Billie die. King goes off on this big hero speech and when the interpool agent shows up Bo thinks he's saved, but is shocked when the interpool agent turns on him. Billie hides in the shadows and sees what is going on. Bo tells King to do what he wants to to him, but to leave Billie out of this. Billie suddenly jumps in and tells them to freeze and drop their guns, or they are both dead. Billie pretends to have a gun under her shirt, and Max grabs her. King tells them both they are as good as dead. King tells Bo and Billie that they are coming with him out to sea and then he's dumping them overboard.

At the wedding Susan remembers Laura accusations against "Kristen" and she knows if anyone believes her they'll find Marlena. John tries to comfort Susan and tells her that Laura is confused and nobody believes her anyways.

Inside Stefano tells Ivan and Vivian that when John and Kristen leave for their honeymoon he will get Marlena out of the house and take her away. Stefano goes of to hide and Ivan and Vivian think Kristen is acting just like Susan.

Outback Celeste tells Lexie she doesn't think Laura's accusations are crazy, and she knows Stefano is near. Abe asks John what he thinks of Laura's accusations, and John says that he thinks Laura has lost her mind, and if Marlena was in this house he would know it. Meanwhile Susan begins to sip the champagne a little to much, and says sticking mean mean Kristen in that dungeon was the best thing she's ever done.

John talks to Carrie and tells her that he will find Marlena, but now he and Kristen are going to the airport for their honeymoon.

Mike and Jen are trying to take Laura to the hospital, but Laura says that she has to find Marlena. Laura tells them she was drugged and that Kristen has hidden Marlena in that house, they have to bring the DiMera's down. Laura refuses to return to the hospital and when she tries to go back inside Mike grabs her and tells her no! Mike tells her maybe they should go home and talk everything out calmly, and Laura agrees. Jen goes to get the car, and Mike waits with Laura. Jen pulls Mike aside and when they talk about what to do with their mom, Laura disappears.

Laura runs outback and grabs Susan and begs everyone to listen to her, and Susan downs even more Champaign. Susan tells them not to be fooled by Kristen's sweet face, and in the background Stefano, Vivian, and Ivan watch. John tries to make Laura cool down, but Laura tells him that Marlena is in that house. John grabs Laura and Mike shows up to take Laura. Laura continues to wail and cry about Marlena, and Mike asks Jen to get his medical bag. Mike tries to give Laura something, and she tells him not to come near to her. Laura grabs Susan, and as they wrestle Susan's fake teeth fly out of her mouth and land in Vivian's champagne. Everyone stares at a buck-toothed Susan, who makes one of her funky faces.

John looks at Susan, and Vivian figures out that Kristen must be in the secret room. John senses Stefano's work, and demands to know where Kristen is, but Susan just says she doesn't know. John looks at Abe and says Stefano is here, and Lexie tells Celeste she was right all along. When Vivian and Ivan try to leave Abe has all the exits sealed off, and Stefano is stopped by a police officer inside the house. Stefano tells the officer that he has to go to pick some trays up from upstairs and he has to go to another wedding. The officer tells Stefano that if he wants to leave he'll have to talk to Commander Carver.

Abe tells John that his people are searching the entire house. Susan keeps downing the champagne, and John tells her to tell him everything, and where is Kristen. Susan is totally wasted and says he doesn't need her because she, John, and little Elvis can be a family. Laura asks Susan if she knows where Marlena is, and Susan goes off about being locked in a dungeon and that Stefano was the head vampire. When John asks if she's seen Stefano today Susan says no, but points at Ivan and Vivian and says they're the only vampires she's seen today. John grabs Ivan and demands to know what they did with Marlena and Kristen. Vivian says she doesn't know anything, but when Susan says they know everything about Stefano and the dungeon. Susan says that they locked Kristen and Marlena inside the dungeon in the house. Ivan says he can't take it anymore, and tells John that Kristen and Marlena are downstairs in a secret room. John and Abe grab Vivian and Ivan and drag them into the house to show them where Marlena and Kristen are.

Laura says she knew Marlena was here, and she's not losing her mind. Lexie is in shock, and says to Celeste that Laura was right all along, and Celeste senses Stefano is in the house right now. Upstairs Stefano ducks into the master bedroom when he hears Abe tell the other officers to search every room. Stefano panics when he realizes there is no way out, and that it could be all over for him.

Down in the secret room both Marlena and Kristen have passed out from the gas fumes. While unconscious Marlena dreams that John comes to save her, but he soon vanishes.

Vivian and Ivan take John down stairs and shows them the secret room. John looks in and sees Kristen and Marlena on the floor, and thinks they are dead.
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