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This week's Soap Opera Digest has an article about John and Marlena.

Kristen visits Brady in the hospital to see how he's doing after his beating. Kristen thanks him for saving her, but he responds coldly by telling her to leave Salem and stay away from his family.

Against doctors orders, Brady tries to leave the hospital but he gets dizzy and falls into Kristen's arms. She helps him back into bed and Brady thanks her for her help.

Across town, John and Marlena are enjoying the morning together when they learn of Brady's attack. They rush to the hospital and Kristen intercepts Marlena. Kristen mentions the messages that she left for John. Shares Deidre Hall, "Marlena erased Kristen's messages in a moment of panic and empowerment. Her feeling was, 'I'm going to shut Kristen down.' Then Marlena realizes that, not only did she do a terrible thing, she's now going to have to fess up to it."

Before Marlena gets a chance to talk to John, Kristen tells him about the messages she left for him. John is confused about why he didn't get them. Finally, Marlena confesses that she erased them. John is furious, angry that Marlena prevented him from being there for his son.

John tells Marlena that she has to let go of her paranoia about Kristen. Marlena refuses, insisting that Kristen is nothing but trouble.

Later, in a private conversation with his father, Brady says he thinks Kristen may have turned over a new leaf. He decides to step back as Marlena's protector because it's no longer necessary.

Meanwhile, Kristen is privately thrilled about the rising tension between John and Marlena. Turns out Marlena is playing right into Kristen's hands...

Pick up the latest Digest for details!
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