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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

EJ telling some home truths:

Nicole says i dont expect you to let bygones be bygones
so where are they
he says who?
She says your minions
so you can keep your hands clean and your nails perfectly manicured
he says what do you think im going to do to you?
She says im sure you can think of something creative
he says what can i do to you thats worse than you did to yourself
you suffered the most horrible loss that a woman can know.....twice
our baby is gone
it really takes true talent to take a situation like that and make it worse for yourself and everybody
she says i know
he says you are really jealous of jennifer horton she is so sweet and nice, so kind, everybody
worries about her the feel for her they adore her
isnt it bad enough that your baby died
did you really have to let an innocent woman suffer for something you did?
i suppose its some relief to know she is now being cared for by dr. jonas
i will tell you this sincerely. im really glad that you didnt take your own life
did you think you were going to see your dead babies in heaven
the only thing worse than the hell you are living right now is hell itself
she says i guess you will find out
he says and as for those men you used
brady, rafe and daniel
they are not going to forgive you, they dont love you
they werent besotted with you like i was
they arent going to give you a second chance sweetheart , they arent going to give you a second look
she says shut up
he says i will shut up
because i think the words that i said are going to echo around in your head cuz they are true
you are going to be alone for the rest of your life
so enjoy it now because i know i will

Preach! Nicole deserves this and so much more, as far as I'm concerned. He went pretty easy on her. And given how quickly she's gotten fixated on Eric it would seem Nicole never, ever learns any of the lessons life keeps kicking her ass with.

The EJami scenes sound good. I like the sound of them 'working intimately together'. :wub:

Thanks for the write up, Skye!

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