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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I watched today's epi and I do have to say by the end of the epi, it clearly felt like TomSell's lame attempt at one of DAYS' romance days, less the montage. LOL!! Cue the music and do a video montage... the one TIIC forget to show.

You might not get that from the read here but after watching the epi, it is comical.
These are the pairings:

Chad & Abby date for ice cream
EJ & Sami- friendly banter at the office & EJ's regular antics over his crush on sami (Ejole is crushed today)
J&M - John saying this and that, cute, but trouble is brewing
Kristen & Brady- they like to play rough
Eric & Nicole- hand holding and hugging and he's only been on one freaking day.
Dannifer: they couldn't sell their love..even .if they tried to give it away. I actually miss MR's giddy cutesiness, drooling all over Dr. DongMyShlong
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