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Nov 15 2012, 03:40 PM
Nov 15 2012, 03:30 PM
I'm not happy about the fact that Lucas is apparently going to tell Will that Sonny loves him before Sonny gets to tell Will himself, and this scene isn't going to magically change my opinion that Lucas is still upset about the fact that Will is gay, but it's a start. I think he's going to change his story again as soon as he finds out that Gabi is pregnant with Will's child.

Hopefully, there are additional scenes between Will and Sonny that this preview isn't mentioning.
but yet T can magically change About will being gay and become wilson matcmaker
The difference is that T never flip-flopped between two different behaviors. First he was blatantly homophobic, then he slowly learned to accept it (to an extent; he still makes comments about how weird it is to be playing matchmaker to two guys, but it's not malicious anymore). He's also shown real guilt about his past behavior (in the scene with Audrey and Will in the pub, he could barely look Will in the eyes when Audrey was talking about how some of her brother's so-called friends had treated him).

Lucas, on the other hand, has flip-flopped...more than once. First he was surprised, but supportive, then he flipped out after he saw Will and Sonny kissing in public, then he gave some lame "it's my problem, not yours" excuse/apology and everything was okay again, then he learned that Will was at Sonny's apartment and rushed over there like a barbarian so that he could stop whatever "sick" things he was imagining that Sonny was doing to Will (and at that point, Lucas knew nothing about the shipping address mishap, so his excuse that he was only trying to protect Will from a player doesn't work for me), then he confronted Sonny, then he warned Will that Sonny was using him, then he continued to defend his opinion in scenes with Sami and Will, and now simply hearing three little words from Sonny is suddenly going to make everything all right? I don't buy it.

I like Lucas. I like Bryan. I don't think that Lucas is a bad person, per se. However, I can only go by what's happening on-screen, and on-screen, Lucas is coming across as a homophobic father who doesn't want his son to be gay but doesn't want to actually admit that he has a problem with it. I can't ignore that, and it's going to take more than one scene to convince me that Lucas has changed his mind. If he finds out about Gabi's pregnancy (and the fact that Will is the father) and still completely supports Will and Sonny's relationship, then I might be willing to believe that he's changed. But I don't think that's going to happen.
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