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Nov 15 2012, 03:53 PM
^This is my problem too. Also everyone is saying her feelings for Daniel never went away. What about the feelings she had for Jack before he came back? We are to believe the second she signed her name to divorce papers 20+ years worth of feelings went away forever..yet she doesn't speak with Daniel in 6 months - after a brief relationship a year earlier and those are the ones she can't shake? This is where I have a problem with believing this "love" between Dannifer. I agree Jack's death was really not needed because them breaking up amicably instead of him dying wouldn't make her look like a fickle woman who can't go 5 minutes without a man - even when she's supposed to be in mourning. Why do they keep trying and trying to push her into new relationships and trying to make each one some epic love story as though the previous 20 years of her life never existed. It's possible to love someone else after a great love - but this is not it.
Well, actually, that's part of the patttern, too, isn't it? Every time they bring Jack back, Jennifer admits that her feelings for him never went away and that she was a fool to think she could love someone else as much as she loves him. It happened after her two-year obsession with Colin and her flirtation with Brandon. It happened after her almost marriage to Frankie. And it happened just a few months ago in that rushed mostly offscreen reunion with Jack after multiple break-ups with Daniel.

Jennifer's credibility has suffered each and every time to the point that I find it hard to believe anything she says.

Meanwhile, this almost daily dose of Dannifer telling each other how wonderful and perfect and selfless they are is tedious.

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