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Nov 15 2012, 05:03 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepI think the writing would make way more sense if the show had shown more WHY Lucas would doubt Sonny. have a reason to doubt Sonny. ISTM that Lucas knew or should have known that Sonny was devoted to Will, (and he did appear to at first, but he suddenly denied it). It made sense that Lucas was suspicious of Sonny, due to something that was going on in himself, whether it was discomfort about Will being with another guy or fear that all young guys were just like he used to be, but the way the story has wrapped up, Lucas' issues were all external. Lucas couldn't accept Sonny's love back when Sonny was showing
i saying if will was girl lucas changing his mind about boyfriend will be non issuse

we never saw lucas dealing will dating other people and i mean women too when i mean dating see him holding hands kissing someone and dealing he is having sex that lucas problem can be will dating at all not all about will being gay lucas already problem with someone will dating she was girl name mia

sonny made player move on will can make lucas might think sonny is player everthing he said were lies seeing he did not dump will after having sex with him prove is not player and he was wrong and thes how still did not bother to say how lucas knew about bryan and how
Well that's just not true. Lucas's actions wouldn't make any more sense if Allie was the one dating Sonny. Look at the sequence of events someone listed up thread and think about if they happened with someone else. What if Dan had told Chad he approved of him and Melanie, then he suddenly changed his mind once they got involved, then he told them not to worry about it, then he suddenly came storming into their house like a soldier on D Day, then he changed his mind again just because Chad said he loved Mel. Everybody would be wondering WTH his problem was.

Also, Lucas wasn't aware of Sonny's little trick when he tracked Will down like a bloodhound and went off on him, so that couldn't have played into his initial concerns. And unless I've missed a spoiler, Lucas doesn't know that Wilson had sex yet, so there's no reason for his fears to have been eased, beyond him realizing on his own that he was acting paranoid and unreasonable, which is fine, but I'd really like to know how and why he keeps turning those feelings on and off like a light switch.
lucas had reasons for track will down
Caroline was moving across the country and the unpredictability of Alzheimer's progression,so it's more likely than not that this was Will's last chance to talk to Caroline again in a way that is truly meaningful. Because of Lucas' persistence, Will got to say goodbye to Caroline

will already hint he plan to having sex with sonny
Yes, he had a reason to look for Will, but he didn't have a reason to treat Will like he was doing something wrong when he got there. There's a difference between Lucas having an inkling that Will might sleep with Sonny and Lucas knowing it and realizing that Sonny stuck around afterward.
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